So off we went to Nova Scotia, which is a big east coast tourism destination due to the whole Atlantic Ocean thing being all around it. We had fairly high hopes for Nova Scotia, especially after it forced us to drive through the dullness that was New Brunswick, and it didn’t disappoint for the most part. The first day we were there, we went to the Joggins Fossil Cliffs, which, exactly like their name suggested, were cliffs with fossils just poking right out of them all over the joint. We were also able to easily find some great camping spots that backed right onto the BayRead More →

From Ottawa, we bolted east through Quebec trying to get to some new territory. We quickly found ourselves in the province of New Brunswick. Neither of us had heard of New Brunswick, nor did we have any ideas or expectations of what we might find. It turns out that New Brunswick is the only properly bilingual province in Canada, which was annoying, and they spoke French almost exclusively the further north you were. As we headed south the queen’s English started to prevail again (take that, Frenchies!), but I think sometimes they switched to French just to mess with us. It also turns out we hadn’tRead More →

I’m aware that this is well overdue, but you, consumer of free amusement, just don’t get to complain. So shut it. Also the internet where we’ve been is garbage. So double-shut it. After we left Toronto, we had a little time to catch up on our precious lazy nature before we continued with our visitor-palooza, so we headed through Ottawa and into the ever-present Quebecian Crown Land. Pretty much everything north of the inlet that Montreal and Quebec City are on is Crown Land, so it made it very bloody easy to find spots to camp. Saying that, on our first night we managed to find some non-crownRead More →

On our way northeast we passed fairly quickly through the states on the way up to Maine where we wanted to check out Arcadia National Park, which wound up being pretty cool in a coastal forest sort of way. We did a hike, let the dogs tear around on a beach (and took some amazing action shots) and were on our way. The drive up north from there was lovely, with plenty of nature-y goodness, but we were anxious to leave plenty of time to get into Canada, so we didn’t linger for long except to spend the better part of a whole day inside a Staples tryingRead More →

So with the south explored in a little more detail we were left with a bit of a conundrum. We had an awkward amount of time left in the US of A; not long enough to take our time with everything we wanted to see, but too long to feel like we needed to race through. We ended up with a hybrid approach. Check out the major cities in a hurry and have some leisure time in our beloved National Forests in between. We visited Savannah which turned out to be a pretty nice city. The buildings in the richer areas were just lovely, as that areaRead More →

So we ran as fast as our well-rested mechanical legs could carry us up to Washington, passing through about 5 states in rapid succession (we were in Georgia for about 10 minutes). We’d aim to come back for them eventually, but for now that passport needed to be ordered ASAP. Washington itself seemed like a lovely city, albeit a bit sterile, with lots of lovely old colonial buildings and all the opulence you’d expect in a proper capital city (cough Canberra cough cough). Jess spent a day wrangling with the embassy over whether the Australia Post passport photos were the right quality or not (not, asRead More →

Yeah yeah, I know I know. I’ve been neglecting you and apologies for that. But you’re getting free entertainment (and several pictures of alligators) from this, so no whinging, you hear? So picking up where we’d left off, we were leaving Texas and we had a few days to burn before we were due in New Orleans to meet my parents for a week of luxury (read: having our very own shower and toilet). As it turns out our aimless meandering in the Texan countryside meant that we had expertly avoided the specific areas that were most affected by flooding. A fact we found out when headingRead More →

After a few days of driving through dreary Pennsylvania and New Jersey we got to New York and it was a bit of a shock being back in a huge city again. There were so many cars and people and buildings and stuff! Thankfully, New York is an awesome huge city, so that helped a bit. We arrived at Jess’ friend’s place after what felt like hours of defensive driving (good god they drive aggressively in NY!) and yelling all manner of nasty things at fire hydrants taking up what could have been good car parks for us. It was odd having other people in our livesRead More →

We were dreading that Texas would just be a bigger New Mexico. We were dreading more flat, CNMS-filled lands. Instead, we crossed the border and almost immediately it was…green! Grass! And trees! Good god it felt surreal to suddenly have some live looking nature around us! Apparently there had been some fairly epic rain in west Texas in the week leading up to our arrival, which would explain all of the green. It also explains why the first town we drove through had us sloshing Duchess through calf-deep water on the main roads. Again, very surreal after the insane dryness of New Mexico. Due to theRead More →

So it turns out that the weird coughing spluttering thing Duchy was doing was to do with the diesel over here in the States. We bounced between multiple mechanics before arriving at a fuel injector specialist in Phoenix, where a man who looked alarmingly like a 40 year old version of my father poked around and said that it’s likely coughing because the sulphur content of diesel in the US is higher (or lower, depending on who you ask) than that in Australia and its causing the injector to ‘stick’. Huh. How annoying. So one can of injector cleaner later she was back to normal, albeit withRead More →